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Writing a hotel business plan

Writing a hotel business plan

Every business needs a written plan. So, what does a hotel business plan look like? Here is a basic reference guide to writing your own hotel business plan. Company Description Why does your business exist? Explain what you offer in terms of rooms and services, how your guests will experience your hotel, and why they will want to stay at your property.

Who are you looking to attract to your hotel? Are you primarily looking to attract business, leisure, or mixed guests?

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When you search for “how to start a business” in Google, one of the first things it will tell you to do is make a plan. Every business needs a. Opening A New Hotel? Read the Guide to Writing a Hotel Business Plan, Hotel or Restaurant Marketing Plan, set out your hotel's mission statement.

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One way of making an essay plan is to list your main points in keywords and phrases and organise them writing a hotel business plan main headings. An example of a linear essay plan using key words and phrases Index cards can be useful in essay planning.

You may wish to use diagrams for essay planning.