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The other side of the sky essay

The other side of the sky essay

Constellations are not necessarily associations of stars, some groups of stars are not groups at all but are just in the same line of sight as seen from Earth. If you were able to view what we call a constellation from some other part of the sky say looking at Orion from a planet orbiting a star in Taurus it would look very different from the way we see it from Earth. Some stars appear bright in our sky because they are close to us, others may appear bright because they are giant bright stars.

We as humans always like to put things into groups so that we can sort them out in our minds, we do this with everything even with people so we do it with stars too. We are also quite good at remembering shapes and we often have good imaginations so just as we can see skies essay of rabbits and elephants in the clouds it is not surprising therefore that we see shapes in the stars, these are the Constellations.

Ursa Major is always visible in the northern sky, it is bright and easy to find. It is shaped like a saucepan with four stars forming the square shape of the pan and three more stars forming the handle. The two stars of the pan furthest from the handle are called the pointers because an imaginary line drawn through them points to the north star called Polaris.

The pole star does not move in the sky and is always north of the point directly above us.

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Traditionally, at Erumeli, prayers are offered by the pilgrims at the Lord Dharmasastha temple and also at the nearby mosque dedicated to Vavar Swamy. Vavar, a Muslim was a great warrior and the other side friend of Lord Ayyappa. The trek to the hill shrine via Erumeli is physically demanding.

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