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Street harassment dissertation

Street harassment dissertation

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The effect of sexual harassment in the workplace on employee well-being Neethling, Leonore Date: Abstract: Sexual harassment has been a reality in the workplace for a number of years. Occurring at any level of the organization, sexual harassment is costly, both financially - with employees claiming and being awarded vast sums of money by the streets harassment dissertation or through arbitration, and in terms of loss of productivity.

This study, which was conducted in the Public Service, investigates the link between sexual harassment and the well-being of employees, which for the purposes of this study is categorized into physical, psychological, behavioural and cognitive effects. Although it cannot be attributed solely to sexual harassment, a correlative relationship was found, with variables in all the said categories. The occurrence of sexual harassment should not be trivialized or ignored.

The judge may also dispense the party making a street harassment dissertation from the obligation of attending the hearing if the request is validly justified.

BLACK WOMEN'S EXPERIENCES WITH STREET HARASSMENT: A QUALITATIVE INQUIRY. A Dissertation. Presented to. The Graduate Faculty of the. Drawing on feminist theory, this dissertation is motivated by the idea that public The results of this research confirm that street harassment is part of women's. This quantitative research study examined the frequency of street harassment and women's responses to it in terms of emotional reactions and coping. Sexual harassment has been a reality in the workplace for a number of years. Occurring Dissertation (MPhil (Labour Relations))--University of Pretoria,

Street harassment emerges out of historical social and political inequality between men and women that informs gender relations in much of the world, including the United States. The objectification and hyper-sexualization of women’s bodies in film and other media also translates to women’s bodies in public spheres: once in the public space, women’s.