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What to do when you finished your homework

What to do when you finished your homework

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That's awesome I just finished my HW! This is what I am going to do! ;-D. VoteE. 5 Watch A Movie. Oh yeah. Try watching a horror or a comedy movie that you. has an impact in the present, whereas "Did you finish your homework?" has no impact in the present and the homework was done in the past.

What you actually need is a couple of tricks on how to organize your studying process correctly. These are some of the things, which are going to help you get your homework done faster and easier.

If you know you have quite a big assignment for tomorrow, start doing it while being at college yet. Just do it whenever you have a spare minute. So, always make sure that your workplace is clean and tidy; Start with the hardest and the biggest assignments. If you have more than one assignment to do, start with the longest or the hardest one, which require much more time than others.