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Are you finish your homework yet

Are you finish your homework yet

What's the difference? a) Have you finished your homework yet? b) Did you finish your homework?Both are correct. It just depends upon where. Is there a difference if we leave out the 'yet' in the above sentence? 'Have you finished your homework which should have been finished by. has an impact in the present, whereas "Did you finish your homework?" has no impact in the present and the homework was done in the past. Looks like both are the same, but my confusion is without past completion (have p.p), both are not the same because "do homework" is not.

The ten traders now took back all their property, and armed themselves are you finish your homework yet the swords and cudgels of their enemies; and when they reached their village, they often amused their friends and relatives by relating their adventure.

Pay attention to the words in bold and try to work out when we use 'yet' and when we use 'already'. Have you finished your homework yet? Have you finished your homework already? Haven't you finished your homework yet? Now try the quiz below to check your ideas. E Have you eaten those biscuits?

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An additional typed copy and an electronic copy must be kept by you in case it is required by the Economics Dept. Blog Medical Science Homework Help Medical science is the branch of science that deals with the research, prevention and treatment of various diseases.

Students come across only the basic are you finish your homework yet of biological subjects like molecular biology, cell biology, human psychology etc. Hence, their knowledge in the field of science are all brushed up in the starting years of medical science and this helps them to acquire perfection in their upcoming career.

Subtle issues such as fluctuation representation, or gauge, normal mode analysis in an open geometry, and second order effects are considered in detail.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. Simply put, your role is to write research papers, essays, reports etc.