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Doing homework right before bed

Doing homework right before bed

College students go to bed one to two hours later and sleep less per night on average compared to previous generations. Encourage students to adjust wake-up time, because it is may be easier to adjust than bedtime.

Students can practice relaxation techniques before bed to increase quality of sleep, avoid doing homework immediately before or in bed, and avoid TV and computer use before bed. Research shows that napping minutes before entering REM sleep can increase performance.

doing homework in the middle of the night?

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Is it better to study during the day or at night? Students' brains tend to be sharpest in the morning, after a refreshing night's sleep and a nutritious breakfast of sleep each night-if homework or studying is delaying bedtime. Sleep? What is sleep? While most of your friends are getting ready for bed or even sleeping, you're either doing homework, or worse, you just. Before bed is the only time Dr. Cooper advises against doing homework, To start off on the right note, you might say, "Once homework starts, there are no.