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Baptism thesis statement

Baptism thesis statement

Christian baptism is instead a product of the clash between Jewish and Christian notions of righteousness before God. Christians, who held as their Jewish Brothers did, that all are sinners and in need of repentance, invite in contrast any and all to the baptismal font. Breaking with much of Jewish Custom in the 2nd Temple Period BC ADJohn's baptism was for all sinners and Christ's commission of his disciples sought to evangelize all by baptizing.

This baptism is an initiatory ritual that is for all people regardless of birth, race, or ethnicity. Judaic baptism thesis statement, on the other hand, was the precursor to Christian baptism and the fount from which Christianity derives much of its baptismal theology. IT is continuous with Christianity in its initiatory theology, its covenantal language, the physical action of baptism and the requirement of baptism for entrance into the community.

Christian baptism, however, departs from Judaic baptism over the question of who should be baptized. On the other hand, Judaic baptism was only for proselytes. The thesis seeks to demonstrate the theological continuity in the baptismal praxis between Judaism and Christianity.

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